Shop stewards help you in work-related problems
A shop steward is often elected in workplaces with a collective agreement in place. A safety representative must be elected for a workplace of 10 or more persons.

Updated 20.11.2021

Safety representative
Under law, a safety representative must be elected at the workplace if at least 10 people work there.
The safety representative supervises matters related to the occupational safety of employees and knows the laws pertaining to them. He will respond if you have questions related to health or safety.
Shop steward
Employees in a workplace who belong to a trade union can elect from among themselves a shop steward who represents employees and trade union at the workplace.
The shop steward supervises that the employer complies with laws and agreements. If you have problems with your employer, first ask the shop steward for advice. He discusses matters concerning employees with the employer on behalf of all employees.
The shop steward also informs you of the trade union of your sector and on joining it.
If there is no collective labour agreement in place at the workplace, employees can still elect a shop steward. The Employment Contracts Act defines the shop steward’s rights.

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